Monday, February 07, 2011

? Backwards Crunch Is

I've noticed over the years that during crunch periods, although people can often lose their minds slightly, they'll also do some of their most creative thinking... and also, during crunch, it's the time when people are least likely to be allowed to implement any new and crazy (or brilliant) ideas.

Now, I once thought that this might be because you tend to think more about the ideas you haven't been able to do anything about, but it is also true that once you enter a certain level of stress, you actually see more stuff going on around you than you would normally. This is called a lowered state of latent inhibition.

Allowing these crunch maddened people to work on their ultra nu ideas would be project suicide, but, surely this must be wasting the talent?

I have tried to make sure I have a log of all the crazy I've come up with over the years, and sometimes act on it when I finally have some time to myself. Do you?

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