Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Once upon a compile

Once upon a time, I wrote a font renderer for OpenGL, last night in fact.
I was happy and done.
I had checked in my changes, and wanted to install the latest version of Ubuntu, so I went about switching over hard disks to get some data off my windows partition before I finally killed it dead by installing Ubuntu over it.

But, an evil witch was near and she had blanked my memory.

When I formatted the hard drive to copy stuff off, I was not aware of the fate that awaited me.
A number of minutes later, my snazzy SSD (which will soon be up on ebay) was sitting there filled with just over 10gb of data, safely stored now. Stored over what was my old installation of Ubuntu.

Now, I had taken precautions and copied all my home directory that I thought mattered onto my 1.5tb drive, so I didn't care about the fate of the ubuntu partition.

This was my downfall, as the witch had cast her spell before I'd even shutdown the linux OS.

As I rebooted onto the live CD, I was happily unaware of the fate before me. I installed and installed until finally I had code::blocks up and running, and rapid svn was downloading my source that had merely minutes before been uploaded. I installed SDL and g++ and prepared to shout tada, when:
compilation failed.
Can't find file to make FontRenderer.o went the output.
Code::blocks could not find the FontRenderer i had just written
I checked SVN once
I checked it twice
I'd forgotten (cursed to forget) to add the new files to the checkin
weep I did not, for a time long gone a wise man once said to me:
"that what yuv coded once, is thrice as easy the second time"
remembering that it was me that said it, i thought, "Well, I'm always right, so it must be true."
and so, in my lunchtime today, a beautiful font renderer was born again. in about 8 minutes.
and they all rendered happily ever after.

the end

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