Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Game Logic XI: Current Concerns

All this clever stuff is mighty clever, and though implementing some of it was easy, actually implementing it all as some form of framework has turned out to abuse C++ too much for my way of thinking.

I don't like clever code, it's often the start of a deeper relationship with a debugger than I want to dedicate myself to. I have a wife and kids, they're my dependants, not some crazy meta-coding template macro system.

So, looking at how things have progressed so far, I can say that clever type safe templated table heading things are probably not the way to go to make this stuff fly, no, oddly, I think that going back to how sql does things might be a way forward. I'm thinking that the base command of an SQL query (select/insert/modify etc) is my basic object for the table control, and any arguments that would have come after that in SQL can be written out as a text string constructor argument.

Welcome back printf style arguments? I'm not sure I need to go this far, but we'll see. Again, it all depends on actual implementation experience. If I can get one game out written in this stuff, then I'll at least have a good basis for building a better way of working. Right?

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