Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Content aware

Adobe's (kind of) technology for content aware fixes and adjustments gave me an idea that I really would like to see implemented in Tivo's and Sky+ boxes.

I was watching someone else watch a tennis match a moment ago and thought: "if he pauses that, that is just going to go on forever and ever", thinking that watching TV at work actually makes it last about ten times as long as you're never really watching it and you're not often able to either.

But then the thought struck me, if it's live, you could compress the amount of video you have to watch to catch up. Not in some 1.5x speed playback, but by having an actual interest aware culling and squashing system. Like content aware resizing, but for time.

Then, I thought, wouldn't creators of TV shows love it if their shows got cut in the right places, and the right bits cut out to make space for adverts? Probably, so there you go. We need content aware like timeline adjustments but for a simpler input stream, the importance value stream.

I'd like to have this on many you tube videos that I try to watch, but fear that many of them would never have a non-zero value in their meta data.

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