Monday, March 15, 2010

Game Logic V : Count Lodding

This whole thing about entities being implicit on their attributes does allow something else quite cool to emerge from data-oriented development. I'm calling it count-lodding until someone tells me what we really call it.

Take your natural squadron of space ships, visible on radar from the ground. The player has a radar and is picking up the squadron, which in game space is actually represented as an entity of type squadron, with attributes number_of_ships=4.
As the squadron comes into visible range, the distance lod requests that a squadron renderer be instantiated, suddenly there is now a new entity in the render lists, a mesh render of four simple ships.
As the squadron gets within good visible range, the squadron lods out into a single ship (that is inserts a row into the squadron leader ship table and deletes it's row from the low-lod squadron table), and spawns three more entities that are squadron-ships, all formation flying following their leader.
The number of entities has gone up from 1, to 4.
Now, anti-aircraft weaponry has come on-line and blown up two of the space ships, causing the pilot of one to eject, and the wings of the other to fall off.
1: Add row to "disabled aircraft", delete row from "squadron-ships", add row to "ejected pilots"
2: Add row to "disabled aircraft", add two rows to "broken wings"
The number of entities has gone up from 4, to 7.

as the wings and planes com crashing to the ground, their physics stabilises and they turn into mementos and simple render calls. Entities goes back down to 3, unless the ejected pilot's shute doesn't open, in which case, we can drop to 2, but a splatter render row might need to be added.

Count lodding, therefore, is about increasing the count based on lod, or decreasing it.

Consider AIs getting into a car, as they get in, their "car passenger" behaviour can be a dead behaviour, no table, and they get held only as rendering objects. The car turns from "passive parked" (non-processing table), to "driving car". At a certain distance, the people in the car can have their rendering rows removed too, meaning we've gone from 4 active, 1 passive entity, to 1 active entity with 4 mementos for rebuilding their render or other attributes in case of going high lod, or getting out of the car once they've reached their destination.

This saves us time, and memory. Both these things sound good to me.


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