Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Damn successful know nothings

Could it be that teenagers are more prone to become pop-stars because they know so little? Consider how much more appreciable your art is when you are constrained compared to having full reign. Consider then that teenagers know very little, yet think they know a lot. This in mind, you have someone who is constrained in their art, the art being the subject of life, of which they think they know a lot.

How could someone who thinks they know lots about the world or any other subject not want to provide help with all their ability? It's quite simply the blind leading the blind, but it explains why the art is so real, and naive, and appreciable by other teens. The "the old ones just don't get it" feeling is really strong in all of them, so the constrained world view creates a space where art is born. The art of a fantasy world in which we do not live, but reminds us of our youth, or is background music to it.

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