Thursday, January 22, 2009

They think they are doing good.

I was linked to this site today:

Although I don't like the things being said, I am beginning to understand why people like that say this stuff. I find the statements to not only be ridiculous, but also quite abusive. Once I am calm however, I can see that there's a sense of trying to make the world right behind these statements. Just because people are ignorant of something (like the workings of evolution) doesn't mean that they are spreading lies, they're just spreading misinformation that they've probably heard from somewhere else, and cognitive positive bias gets in the way of accepting any new facts that might counteract the bad science.

So, these people believe what they are preaching, see things so clearly, so wildly off the mark too, surely this means that the best tactic is to try to find some way to remove them from the world of difficult science and bring the big questions back into line with things that are easy for layman to understand.

If relativity was more obviously anti-god, then there'd probably be lots of creationist style claims that it isnt' true, it's just a theory, but as it's not obvious that it leads to a godless world, it survives untarnished. It wouldn't matter that we use relativity every day in our GPS equipment, or that scientists make predictions that come true because of it, because facts and predictions don't count towards convincing someone that what they know is not true if they have faith in an alternative truth. The point of faith, the trust that something is true, is that it defines any contrary arguments are being false rather than being falsified by them.

So, with a new understanding of the people behind such blatantly misrepresented facts of science, I am going to try to find a new way into the minds of those who closed themselves off a long time ago. Wish me luck.

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