Sunday, June 15, 2008

The need to be seen

This weekend, when I was in town walking towards the KFC, my wife pointed out that there was a woman walking the other way with her breasts on show. She wasn't topless, she was just wearing a loose dress, but had purposefully rearranged her clothes so that she was half nude.

It's moments like this that spark off lots of different thoughts in my mind. The first thoughts at the time were obvious male animal ones. Ones that meant I didn't take in her face very well. My later thoughts turned to why she was doing it. She wanted to make a display of herself, but was she aware that no-one saw her? I often wonder if people realise that by commiting extravagant acts, they realise that no-one sees them, instead they see the act. I then thought that maybe you could take the idea of hiding in plain sight one step further and hide in extreme sight. Think about it, if a bank was robbed by a few naked girls, they wouldn't even need masks to make their getaway. They could even get away with just having throw on dresses and their hair up during the raid and maybe stash the money in prams as soon as they were out of sight. Crazy maybe, but who would be looking for mum's pushing prams when they'd just seen naked girls with guns and tight and high hair dos?

The other thing that crossed my mind was how she would have reacted to someone stopping her walking. While she was moving, all was okay, but imagine if someone stopped her. I don't mean like the police, but more like just a straight forward stop her and ask her if she knew what she was doing. Would that break the spell for her enough to become ashamed? Would it ruin it for her? The moment lost?

Me, I'm all for more of these kinds of remarkable attention seeking displays. Purely from a philosophical pondering point of view of course.

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