Friday, May 23, 2008

Religion Explained by Pasta Sauce and Evolution without Pirates

Okay, probably all pointless accidental crap, but i just thought that the reason why there isn't a "perfect pasta sauce", that being that people like different things and making everyone happy is a lot easier if you let yourself have multiple solutions at the same time (this ties in with my theory of multidimensional complexity being much more satisfying than low dimensional complexity). Relgion could be a by-product of a tendency to allow for some sideways bias when it comes to perceived more important issues such as beliefs and traditions. We may have evolved to appreciate a group satisfaction (why it's possible to have a rally of people who "mostly agree" with the rally, and not just one made from "strongly agree"s) over personal bias as a way to help ourselves be seen as part of the group and therefore the target of a greater quantity of altruistic attention.

Or, maybe we do need pirates.

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