Monday, November 19, 2007

Work in progress

I've been working and managing at the same time. Its not pretty.
I've got out of it now and I'm really understanding why we need middle management. I've not been trained to be a manager, so why was I put there?

Being back downstairs as one of the lads is a great improvement for me, I'm getting loads of work done, and I'm enjoying coding again. I'm still having all the inspirational moments that I used to get, so its not just stress related low latent inhibition.

New ideas are coming from the things I'm now working on mixed with being where I was before. I've got some ideas for how to go about making games content (not digital assets, we all know how to make them) I mean the real content of a game, the gameplay, the logic, the fun. In its most basic form it comes from an understanding of what makes things fun to play, and my gaming theories hinge on my own set of personal beliefs of humanity. Surprising? I think it should be, but also when you think about it a little, maybe not surprising at all. Maybe its just post announcement common sense? Well I'll add more when I have more time, but for now lets just say that the people that come closest to making 'fun' still seem to be the Nintendo developers. Why they are able to and whether they know what it is that makes their games fun is a topic for discussion, but what I believe makes a game fun is definitely carried out in most of their software.

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