Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why democracy doesn't work

As a lead games programmer, I have to deal with gross ineptitude on a daily basis, and even when I'm not talking to games artists I still have to deal with boss like external entities, and de-clued decision makers.

This is what got me thinking about democracy. I beleive that those who are in the know need to be the ones empowered to make decisions for us. How many times has someone that has been out of the loop so long that they just plain forgot what was important, or worse, was never in the loop, and has read about "The Important Stuff" in a memo, how many times have they been key decision makers? Far too many times in my opinion.

UK MPs are elected to speak up for their community. Our vote goes to chosing someone that has a better clue than us at how to run the country, and hopefully also has an opinion resembling our own. My fear is that modern democracy is not about "who is right for the job", but more about "who looks like they are in charge". This is not really going to help our country.

So, even though i do not personally like what Mr Blair has done with the country overall, I beleive in him or whoever leads the party that i choose to support. I do this because whoever is in charge, was chosen from a selection of people that themselves were chosen by the populous to make their decisions. We empower them, let them get on with it.

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